Week 13 - Software Development

December 9, 2014


The native medium of software designs is code. In this class, Eric will walk us through what it takes to take one design through to production and we will think back on the class in general.

Assignments Due Today

Class Activities

CodeRyte: A Case Study in Software Design and Development (~45 minutes)

Eric Benoit, a Designer at Involution Studios, will walk through a year long project.

4 Techniques that are easy to design and hard to build (~15 minutes)

There are certain things that look easy on paper but can be black holes in development and usability. We will talk about
  • semi-persistance
  • Apple like search results
  • data rich dashboards
  • decision algorithms

Redesign This Course (~30 minutes)

As a group, redesign what this course should look like in the future. What should be taken out entirely? What deserves more time?

Assignments Due Next Week