Week 11 - Data Visualization

November 18, 2014


We'll continue thinking about visualization this week.

Assignments Due Today

Class Activities

More Visualization Techniques (~25 minutes)

We will go through a few more techniques.

Design a visualization (~60 minutes)

There are quite a few tools out there for exploring data. Spend the remainder of class playing with one or two of them. All of them have some interesting sample data sets.
  • Tableau Public: Arguably the hottest of the products on this list - In addition to being difficult to spell, Tableau makes it easy to make dashboards in an Excel like interface
  • Google Public Datasets Explorer: Limited to a few visualization techniques, but they have a ton of datasets to play with.
  • Google Fusion Tables: Google Spreadsheets on steroids (with features like geocoding and some nifty interfaces)
  • Mirador by Fathom: A tool that is primarily for exploring datasets.
  • CartoDB: An easy(ish) interface that lets you build beautiful data-driven maps.
  • Parallel Coordinates: A simple tool that lets you upload a CSV file and visualize it using a neat technique

Assignments Due Next Week